Our story

When the pandemic hit, like many others around the world, we found ourselves struggling to keep up with simple daily tasks. Facing the unknown and the monotony of life during these difficult times, we individually searched for purpose. This time allowed us to view life from a different angle, as we re-discovered what motivates us. Holding ourselves accountable, we made small changes in our lifestyle which grew into habits, which eventually turned into rituals. We quickly realized that the truth about rituals is that they are an investment in yourself and an act of self-love.

Full Ritúal was born out of self-love including the love we harbor for our family, friends and community. We took this leap of faith combined with our entrepreneurial spirit and love for wellness to bring to you Full Ritúal.

We hope that on your journey, you discover your ritual.

With Gratitude,

Sasha & Naimeesha

(Co-Founders, Full Ritúal)

Our Intension

ritual based impact

We give back and donate products to communities in need and in crises.