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The truth about rituals is that

They are an investment in yourself and an act of self-love and Full Ritúal wants you to invest in your wellbeing.

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Based on 10 reviews
Love this yoga mat!

Love this mat so much. It has easily replaced my other yoga mats. Wish they came in more colors! Would definitely purchase.

Wonderful yoga mat and workout bands!

I highly recommend Full Ritual, expecially their Joot Mat. It is so durable, high quality and esthetical pleasing which makes me look forward to my workouts at home :)

Beautiful product

Beautiful design with a very nice color. Perfect quality. Very light and easy to carry around. I love the wooden lid and straw.

Best Yoga Mat

This is the best yoga mat I’ve ever used. Love the material.


Nice Product. Highly recommend.

Cute and useful

I love this pouch so much! Helped my bag from spillage and I just repurchased two more for my other bags as well. Highly recommend.

High quality fabric resistance bands

The best fabric resistance bands in the market. Nice variation of resistances. Very versatile!

New favorite sipper

This sipper is so versatile and aesthetically pleasing! I purchased them in both the colors and I’m obsessed. Will definitely be buying more if they come out with other colors! Also makes a cute gift!

Stunning Yoga Mat

I fell in love all over again with this yoga mat when I realized and discovered it's reversible! I particularly love and enjoy the natural earthy feel of the textured side.


Terrific! I love this product.