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Based on 39 reviews
LOVE this product!!

I don’t like anything that feels sticky or heavy on my lips & this doesn’t!! I didn’t know what to expect when I purchased it but I’m so glad I took the chance!! The color is good & it smells amazing!! Overall GREAT for me!!

Wonderful texture. Beautiful to look at.

Enjoying using it

The best best best

I love this lip balm more than the probably close to a 100 lip products I have. The color is perfect the way it feels it’s so unique. The way it smells is so GOOD. Please never stop making this. And please PLEASE come out with some new colors maybe. I love this product so much.

Magnetic Lip Balm

Magnetic balm

Received mine from ipsy..so far I like it..would definitely use again..


Love this product. I wish they had more shades. I need a restock too

Never received merchandise

Never received it


I am addicted to this stuff. I used it every day. The smell is to die for & the texture is perfect. Not sticky or clumpy. Perfect amount of color. I am obsessed if you can’t tell

My favorite

The best subtle and moisturizing lip balm !

The Best!

I reach for this more than any other balm, gloss, lipstick, etc. I'm addicted to the way it feels, smells, even tastes, and the perfect nude shade is a bonus. I feel it would enhance any skin tone. It tingles a lightly, and I love it; it doesn't burn like most plumpers yet delivers a nice extra pout. I received it in my Ipsy bag and will be a forever user - I hope they never discontinue.

Perf Pout

I am not a review writer but I received this in my IPSY bag and I've used it up. Came to the site to find more (and hopefully a sale!) -- never less, this gloss is superb. Non-sticky, subtle smell, makes your lips super soft and kissable! Plus it's moisturizing af. Love love love.

Second Purchase

Loved my Magnetic Balm so much that I came back for another and saw this bundle! Such a cute duo! Everyone needs this in their life!


I got this in an Ipsy Glam bag. At first I thought, "Another lip gloss. Bleech!" Can I tell you? This stuff is simply amazing. Very moisturizing and I have Sahara Desert dry lips. It's not sticky, which is my biggest complaint about lip gloss. And most lip "plumpers" just feel weird. I like the color too, especially over lipstick. It stays on well too. Winner-winner! I think I read the info and it's made in Italy? super!
I'll be honest. I'm impressed.

It has it all

I am in looovvee with this balm I mean I could write a novel based off this product alone. Love

Great product! I love the way it goes on smoothly and lasts.


Perfect neutral color for melanated individuals. Smells good. Light feel. And vegan! Sold!


I just love it! Yes, this will be a repeat purchase. It smells incredible and most importantly keeps lips hydrated for long.

Stay hydrated!

I purchased this in terracotta and I love how rich the color is! This sipper sits beautifully on my office desk. I am excited to see the new things this brand will create in the future.

Joot Mat - Yoga, Pilates, Stretching or Just Lounging.


This gloss smells good enough to eat!

Surprised !

I absolutely hate anything tinted on my lips, this however was super surprisingly pleasant. I love it! Like a few other reviewers I also received this in the ipsy bag. I have zero complaints, it’s not annoying like any glosses I’ve tried before, it doesn’t feel tacky or sticky. This product also happens to smell amazing.

Best Lip balm/gloss ever.

I received this in my last Ipsy order and it is the best product in the lot. Goes on smoothly and plumps your lips. I will make this a regular in my cosmetic bag!


So smooth and moisturizing! Love the subtle natural pink tint that comes with it and smells amazing !

Replaced my other lip balms!

I highly recommend the Magnetic Lip Balm! It does exactly what it says. Hydrates and makes your lips glossy. It's a great option for anyone who loves wearing gloss but doesn't like the sticky feeling <3

First timer and will be back

It's my first time trying anything from the brand and it did not disappoint. Love the Magnetic Lip Balm! Its super hydrating and almost feels like a gloss. Also such a cute name!!

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